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MonteCristo 2 of Clubs

MonteCristo 2 of Clubs

Ref: MonteCristo

Only a limited number has been made Original Bicycle Riderback (poker 808)
What is this CardMaker Monte Cristo Deck?

A deck of cards: all 52 and the 2 Jokers Show that deck: fanned or tablespreaded. The best is, to show the deck in it's factory order
And sure; this deck has to be shuffled: either you shuffle it or the spectator can do that! Finally as with lots of card tricks: a spectator has to choose a card...

Wouldn't it be great if you knew the spectator's card - long before he selected a card?
What if no sort of any force at all is needed?
What if you could show this freely chosen card in a very natural and fair manner?
What if this would be the most fairest way to involve probability of 1 out of 52?

And what are the tricks? Some ideas:

Long before a card is selected, you have a written prediction - it will always be the correct one!
The chosen card is returned to the deck. The deck is shuffled but you will always find the card with ease. Always!
What about an ACAAN effect? After the card is returned to the deck which is then shuffled by the spectator, someone may name a number between 1 and 52. Deal the cards face down on the table; the spectator's card will be at that number! No force, just straight the effect!
and lots more....

Now you might see that this CardMaker Monte Cristo Deck is not only one more trickdeck among others on the market, which would be good just for one trick only. By far not!
This deck is a very powerful tool for any ambitious card magician!
I do not pretend to be the inventor of this deck, nor did Mr. Monte Cristo. The principles used for this deck are old. But I am one of the guys who actually manufactures these decks; so I call it the CardMaker Monte Cristo Deck.

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